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How to get contacted after a job application?

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Nothing is more discouraging than not getting answers from your job applications or getting impersonal emails after having sent out over 40 emails. You’re over qualified, don’t have enough qualifications, have no experience, or too much… How can I check the right box?

No, your phone is not on sleep mode and is working correctly. If you are starting to feel a little hopeless while waiting for your phone to ring, don’t be afraid to pick up your phone and take the lead. Having the feeling that you master the situation is crucial to progress in your job search. Here are some actions you can take to master the situation.

Do a follow up of the steps of your job search and adjust when required

It’s becoming more and more common to spend more than a few months seeking for a job. Do not be afraid of time going by. However, do consider reviewing your job search initiatives to be as efficient as possible. Think about creating a chart that summarizes your job applications in which you can add the job offers for which you have already applied. Small tip, it is not always possible to browse a job offer on a website after it has been online for a few weeks. To avoid going to an interview without knowing for which position, print out the job offer or save it in a Word format.

Target your job applications

Readdressing the company is a good way of finding out if the job position has been filled and learning more about the profile of the person who has been selected. The feedback given will enable you to adjust the job offers and companies you wish to target in the future.

When should I readdress my job application?

When posting a job offer, a company can easily receive between 80 and 100 applicants. Thus, it takes time for the company to go through all the applications. It’s a good idea to leave up to 12 days before readdressing your application. For a spontaneous job application, it’s ideal to readdress your application after 8 days.

How should I contact companies?

Prefer contacting the company by phone for your first contact. When sending an email or addressing a letter, the risk is for the company to answer “we have found someone whose profile better suits the position”. Although, it can be tricky to getting recruiters contact details, the internet does allow you to go through professional profiles such as LinkedIn for example and thus obtain these contact details. Once you have the information, rather than asking if the company has received your application, it is more interesting to ask questions about the recruitment process. Has the position been filled? Are interviews taking place? If the position has not been filled, try to find out more about the type of profile the company is looking for.

Getting turned down isn’t very pleasant but doesn’t prevent from future success. After finishing his studies and being sacked from Apple, Steve Jobs explained that being fired from his own company was the best thing that had happened to him. The pressure of success had been replaced by the freedom of being a beginner: Steve Jobs had entered one of the most creative moments of his life.

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