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Send out New Year greetings to strengthen your professional network

Seasonal greetings

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You all know how important your network is during a job search. Wishing a Happy New Year is a chance for job seekers to get in touch with people from their professional network. Sending out personalized emails to previous employers, colleagues and even suppliers is a good way of reminding them of you.

In your personal lives, it’s easy to send messages to people you haven’t spoken to in months. But how do you proceed with people from your professional network to who you haven’t given any news in months or even years? Sending seasonal greetings is an excellent way of getting in touch with people from your personal and professional network!

Rule number 1: your email must be disinterested
Rule number 2: your message should remain short and simple
Rule number 3: remain professional and adapt your language depending on the person you are writing to

You can write your email as follows:
“Dear Mr xxx, I wish you a wonderful new year. I hope 2016 will be filled with happiness and success for you. May this year be an opportunity for you to meet your professional endeavors (…) I sincerely hope that the project we were working on together has succeeded as planned (…). I am looking forward to working with you in the new year!”

The goal of your email is to stay in contact with people that you haven’t seen for a while. You can mention that you are pursuing your job hunt but avoid going into more detail (it’s not the aim of the email).

When is the right time?
The first 15 days of the year is the peak period to send out your wishes. However, you can send out emails throughout the month of January.

Professional networks: which channels should you use to send out wishes?
Don’t forget that social networks such as LinkedIn for example are good tools to get in contact with people. They enable you to contact the right person quickly and quite simply.

Should I be creative?
If you are a creative person, sending out New Year wishes is a good way for you to stand out and show your originality. However, don’t forget that you are writing to professionals and not close friends.

Sending out New Year greetings are an excellent non formal way of staying active amongst your network.

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