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Why is it useless to write « I'm looking for a job »?

Application during your job search

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During your job search, there may be times when all you want to do is to write to all the agencies and websites which are looking for “job seekers”. However, this may lead you to seize any job opportunity and even to accept job opportunities that are below your skills.

A large amount of candidates make mistakes when sending their email to contact recruiters. Often, the email is composed of attached documents including a cover letter and a resume in which there is a simple message saying: “I’m looking for a job”.

Unfortunately, this approach in your job search will not help you find a job. This is the reason why.
To understand, put yourself in the position of the employer who receives your application. Try to imagine his reaction when receiving an email “I’m looking for a job”… “Ok but what kind of job?”, “Ok he/her wants to work, but what role is he interested in?”… Often the recruiter doesn’t find the answers to these questions, so doesn’t go further with the application.

Let’s go through some simple rules to write an application letter that will draw the attention of the recruiter. It’s very important for you to start by introducing yourself and explaining clearly the aim of your message. You can also add your availabilities and contact details so that the recruiter can get back to you. Don’t forget to mention that you have attached your resume and cover letter to the email.

“Dear Sir/Madam,
I’am Florian XX and am addressing an application in answer to the job offer XXX. Attached you will find my CV and cover letter. You can reach me by phone for any other information. I hope that my application will draw your attention.
Best regards,
Florian XXX

Keep in mind that recruiters receive hundreds of resumes and cover letters for job offers meaning they don’t necessarily have the time to filter the applications that don’t draw their attention.
Take time to write this small introduction and you will find that recruiters will become much more sensitive.

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