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20 minutes: the optimal route to work

Journey to work
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A Canadian study states that the optimal route time to work is 20 minutes. Journeys that exceed 20 minutes, cause stress and tiredness levels to rise. However, it has been proven that it takes employees an average of 32 minutes to get to work. Over 35 minutes, the journey to work becomes too long and creates stress and anxiety for both driver and passenger.

The study also shows that the type of transport that you use on your way to work has a direct impact on exhaustion at work. Results show that workers who use their car to go to work in large cities experience higher stress levels than those who use their car in the countryside or in towns located outside big cities. Moreover, passengers experience higher stress levels than drivers as they are not the ones in control of the vehicle.

In public transport, city workers are less exposed to work related stress than those who go to work in rural areas. This can be explained by the fact that towns are better served by public transport leaving you the choice to use the bus, tramway or even your bicycle. People living in the countryside have to be more organized as they don’t have as many transport options and public transports are less popular.

How long does it take you to get to work?

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