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Jordan Lockett, a 20 year old homeless man found a job in a very social way!

Homeless job search
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Jordan Lockett, a 20 year old homeless man had lost hope in finding a job until he desperately gave his resume to a stranger passing by in the street. Aaron O’Dwyer, 18 was on his way back from an interview when he came across Jordan. He insisted Jordan gave him his resume to help him out in his job search and posted it on his personal Twitter account.

Homelss man's CV goes viral

Source : Twitter screenshot

On his resume, Jordan puts forward his previous experience as a motorbike mechanic and stresses that he’s a “fast learner and hard worker”. A few hours later, the post had been shared 1,200 times and employers were starting to contact Jordan with job opportunities. Jordan has now started a new job in a bar!

This story is an excellent example of the power of social networks in your job search. Having up-to-date profiles on professional networks but also on personal networks such as Twitter is a good way of getting noticed by potential employers.

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