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450 job opportunities at Travelodge

Travelodge hiring

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If you are seeking for a job in the hospitality industry, this news will surely help you target the companies you send job applications to: Travelodge will create 450 jobs in 2016 to help run the 19 new sites opening this year. Travelodge’s new hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes will create job offers for candidates of the area.

Travelodge is the UK’s third biggest budget hotel chain. The company has been spending a large amount of its budget and is planning on investing £140m in modernizing its rooms and design to stand out from competition. The quality levels of the company continue to increase in order to satisfy customers.

Job offers at Travelodge are available in the following cities: London, Poole, Glasgow, Bristol, Bicester, Thetford and Westonsuper-Mare.

Growth at Travelodge should increase over the years to come.

Checkout Travelodge's job offers

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