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Great employment opportunities at Deliveroo!

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You have probably already noticed a Deliveroo delivery man in your neighborhood. If you are looking for an extra job to make ends meet or a student job, the company is hiring in the UK and abroad!

Deliveroo is a start-up company in London created 3 years ago. The company delivers food from a selection of local restaurants in an average of 30 minutes. The service enables company’s which don’t have a delivery service to provide food to customers households.

Deliveroo is hiring bicycle and scooter drivers who are nicknamed “Roomen” to deliver meals in UK’s main cities. Community manager, product manager, customer service and many other jobs offers are available in the UK and also in Germany, Australia, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Holland, Hong-Kong… and many other countries!

What we like in this funky startup company is the recruitment practices and their management habits. Employees at Deliveroo benefit from flexible working hours and high tech equipment. They are all driven by the same passion: sharing amazing meals and eating delicious food. Each Friday lunchtime the company offers the meal to its employee. To make sure each employee does enough sport and leads a healthy lifestyle, the company covers your gym subscription expenses.

The profile they are looking for? If you own a bicycle and enjoy sport, you will enjoy seizing an opportunity as a roomen! There are many job openings in the UK in various departments of the company: accountants, business developers, graphic designers…

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