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Napping Revolution Comes To The Workplace

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While plenty of companies provide canteen and child-care facilities for their staff, only few of them have sleeping solutions for their employees. Sleeping while on duty is considered to be a serious misconduct - but should it be? According to recent studies (including, one important NASA study), a short 30 minutes nap enhances both performance and learning ability. in order to help companies find a solution for their employees to sleep on the job, Engineers at MIT, Harvard Medical School, and Stanford, have invented the Napwell - a sleeping mask!

Allow Napping At work

Napwell looks like a normal sleeping mask, but it has two additions: a timer and a LED lighting system to wake you up slowly. It wakes you up gradually, getting brighter until you rouse from sleep. It is mobile and can be worn everywhere. Thus, companies don't need to invest in setting up sleeping spots anymore. Perfect!

However, despite the economic benefts of this invention, companies hold onto outdated HR policies that discourage employee naps during break periods. To to change the culture around workplace napping, the Napwell team has recently launched a petition in the US. Everything is still to gain in the UK! 

Visit the Napwell website to learn more about it, by clicking on the Source button.

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